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What We Value in Our Tea

Tea Value


The first priority of all our tea, we believe a good tea should benefit our health instead of harm. Full in antioxidants, polyphenols and minerals, tea is famously known to be one of the healthiest drinks known to us. However, as tea-connoisseurs, we know that the greatest danger to the cultivation of tea is pesticide. The infection of man-made chemicals has the potential to contaminate the leaves, adulterate its health benefits and ruin the drinking experience.  At Cliff Three, we believe that the first criteria a tea should fulfill is for it to benefit our health and is committed to ensure our tea help instead of harm.

Tea Value


At Cliff Three, be it the subtle elegance, or the strong burst of energy, we look for teas that each has their own unique character. In fact, it all comes very instinctively. If we allow the tea to grow on its own in its natural environment, each tea will develop its own unique characteristic and flavour that feels pure, natural and comfortable. And this is the taste we are looking for.

Tea Value


Tea is the most direct way for us to connect with mother nature. When we drink tea, we are essentially drinking whatever the plant absorbs, be it the fresh air of the mountains, or the sweet spring water than flows down the stream. Hence, at Cliff Three we strive to get teas from authentic regions and which are unadulterated. This carefulness speaks for itself in the freshness and luxuriousness of our tea-lines.